7th June 2018

Patented and award-winning:

MODULAR SYSTEMS bring cooling to the terrace 

Eschborn, 5 June 2018 The MODULAR SYSTEM from Burda WTG, awarded the renowned INNOVATION PRIZE R+T 2018, not only offers instant warmth and soft light, but also brings cooling to the terrace. For this purpose, cooling modules in the form of nozzles are attached to the system which sprays finest water mist, once connected to a pump. This leads to a perceived temperature reduction of around 10 to 15 degrees. The radius of action of a cooling nozzle is approx. 6sqm.

Patented cooling for hot terraces

The MODULAR SYSTEM offers optimum temperature control for outdoor areas of any size and every climate zone.  The system is available in every color, length and all the desired functions, from heating with waterproof infrared heaters to lighting with LED light modules and refreshing cooling.

Image titleNot only private or commercial properties in hot climates benefit from the patented system . In Germany, too, the "All-in-One" concept inspires with its chic design and flexibility. On hot days, the cooling nozzles are used, which can be integrated into the modular set at any point. The cooling nozzles are connected to a high-pressure pump (at least 70 bar) with a pipeline (optionally steel or polyamide). This is connected to a standard household water connection.

When the pump is activated, the nozzles atomize the finest water vapour at individually adjustable intervals, which noticeably reduces the temperature in the radius of action (approx. 6 m² p/nozzle). When it gets cool and dark in the evening, the radiant heaters provide pleasant instant warmth with infrared short waves and the LED spots emit discreet light on the terrace.

The patented Heating & Cooling concept under the registered brand name Perfectclime® is also available as a single heater with pump and accessories.