20th March 2018

Burda WTG at R+T Asia

Interview with Jiri Burda, CEO Burda Worldwide Technologies

As innovatiImage titleon prize winner R+T 2018 for the MODULAR SYSTEM, Burda Worldwide Technologies is one of the selected exhibitors at the world trade fair R+T Asia. Jiri Burda (CEO) will present the award-winning MODULAR SYSTEM to an international audience at a stand specially designed for the German innovation winners.

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Introduction: Burda Worldwide Technologies

source: http://rtasia.org/en/content/interview-burda-worldwide-technologies

Burda WTG exports high-class and partly handmade heating and cooling devices with short-wave infrared technology to more than 50 countries, generating more than 4.1 million euro in sales in 2011, set to further increase in the future. “Burda Worldwide Technologies GmbH. The intelligent approach.”

As a pioneer in short-wave infrared technology, Burda WTG has the expertise and the know-how to constantly develop that technology and to offer a one-stop service in heating, cooling, and lighting systems. All Burda products share four central values: innovation, quality, design, and durability. Burda WTG is a dynamic company with only short intervals between new innovations. The goal is to gradually maximize the performance of its heating and cooling devices. That is the company´s measure for success which is being promoted daily around the globe.

The original founder, Jiri Burda, still is the owner and managing director of the company, which has its headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.

Interviewer: R+T Asia  Interviewee: Mr. Jiri Burda – General Manager of Burda Worldwide Technologies GmbH

Question 1: Congratulations to your team for winning the R+T Stuttgart 2018 Innovation Prize for your Modular System in the category of special solutions. Tell us about this product.

Mr. Jiri Burda: If you see and feel this product, you will understand why it’s so perfect. The “MODULAR SYSTEM” was an idea to produce something new for the market. With this system, you can combine heating and cooling as well as lighting with LED spots in a modular design that will fit in many areas, such as private villas, balconies, pergolas, and terraces, as well as hotels, restaurants, and other public areas. It’s also ideal for awnings of various widths.

Question 2: This concept of offering heating, cooling and lighting in one product had to be challenging. 

Mr. Jiri Burda: Many geographic areas around the globe experience both hot days and cold days. It’s true in the USA, Asia, South America, the Pacific region, Australia, and elsewhere. So, we wanted to create a system that could provide heating in winter, cooling in summer, and lighting when it’s dark. I wanted to create a system that inspired customers to say, “I love my heaters!”

Question 3: I see that Burda will be featured in the InnovAction Hub in R+T Asia 2018. What do you expect from the Asia-Pacific market?

Mr. Jiri Burda: We find that people everywhere, including China, India, Indonesia, and Hong Kong, want products that are made or engineered in Germany. Our product is very useful in these Pacific Rim countries. For example, the Hong Kong market has so many nice restaurants, hotels, and areas where our modular heating/cooling system makes perfect sense for now and for the future. At R+T Asia, I hope to find partners, architects, and networks that will bring us into the market.

Question 4: Will you be promoting specific products for the Asian market?

Mr. Jiri Burda: I think that our Modular System that provides both heating and cooling as well as lighting will be perfect for the Asian climate. That is why I definitely want to go to R+T Asia.

Question 5: What is the secret to building a successful company?

Mr. Jiri Burda: We seek to provide solutions that are new, real, and intelligent. Ultimately, we seek to make our customers happy. I think that creates a successful company.

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